Piano tuner in Spain

Looking for a piano tuner in South Spain? Want an estimate or need some advice? No problem, please feel free to contact me:

Juan Olalla – Piano tuner
mobil telephone: 666 819463

Email: info@howtotuneapiano.com

Are you in the Marbella, Gibraltar or Estepona area?
No problem, being on the road is part of my job. Although we are based at Benalmádena we service pianos to almost all locations in the province of Málaga, Cádiz or Almeria. We travel everywhere within 100 miles from home.

Juan Olalla - Piano tuner in Spain

Our services
We service, tune and repair any sort of pianos, upright or grands, old and new ones, from ordinary simple home study pianos to concert grands. No job too big or too small.

  • Pro in-home or concert piano tuning
  • Accurate and fast pitch raising (normally in two sessions)
  • Repairs, broken parts, etc. (practically every single posible repair)
  • Strings and hammer replacement (all sort)
  • Action regulation (full or ordinary, highly recommended)
  • Piano moving (performed by professional experienced people)

Our prices
Our prices are very reasonable and competitive. For example, an ordinary piano tuning in Málaga town will cost you around 80 euros. For jobs in other areas like Marbella, Soto Grande, Gibraltar, etcétera, a small fee could be charge by way of travel expenses. Please email or call us for a free quotation. 

Something about me
I have been a piano tuner and piano player for nearly 35 years and have work mainly in Manchester (England) and now in Spain. I feel very fortunate as I love my job, even now after so many years I am still passionate about pianos (one of the most perfect machines mankind have ever made) and enjoy and feel motivated about tuning and reparing pianos, a very demanding but also interesting profession. Because of being a piano tuner I had the chance to travel and meet many great artists and interesting people, but the best part of it is being able to work in what I like. Thank you pianos!

Need a piano tuner but living far away from the South
If you live far away from my working area, you can also contact me, maybe I can help you to find a competent piano tuner near your home.

Thinking on buying a new or second hand piano and don´t know too much about it?
Buying the right piano for you at the right price is not so easy and if you do not know too much about pianos, chances are that you will end up with an inadequate and overprice piano. Don´t let yourself being fooled and get some professional unbiased advice. Feel free to email or phone me, I can help.

Juan Olalla – Piano technician
mobil: 666 819463
email: info@howtotuneapiano.com

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